Cayenne became a Champion on January the 5:th 2004!

Cayenne's 1:st show
Arranged by: Stockholms Kattklubb
Held at: Viksjö tennishall, Järfälla
Date: 23:rd of March 2002
Judge: Ad de Bruijn
Class: 12
Result: Ex 2 (of 3 in the class)
Cayenne's 2:nd show
Arranged by: Perserkatten
Held at: Kvarnvallen, Järfälla
Date: 18:th of May 2002
Judge: Lena Sundberg
Class: 11
Result: Ex 1
Cayenne's 3:rd show
Arranged by: Mellansvenska kattklubben
Held at: Eskilstuna
Date: 8:th of September 2002
Judge: Marianne Roth
Class: 9
Result: Ex2
Cayenne's 4:th show
Arranged by: Top Cat Club
Held at: Allhallen, Ekerö
Date: 26:th of July 2003
Judge: Sirpa Lindelöf
Class: 9
Result: CAC
Cayenne's 5:th show
Arranged by: Järva Kattklubb
Held at: Arlandastad
Date: 29:th of November 2003
Judge: Solveig Mellberg
Class: 9
Result: CAC
Cayenne's 6:th show
Arranged by: Speedcat
Held at: Sollentunamässan
Date: 5:th of January 2004
Judge: Alva Uddin
Class: 9
Result: CAC, Champion