Martini Asti av Ochremenko (N)
9/12 2005
SPH f 03

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Asti is our first Sphynx. She is a beautiful little norwegian girl who came to live with us in march 2006. She is truly amazing and has swept our family of our feet. She is so social, always laying in our lap or jumping around trying to get Cayenne to play with her. She is the kindest cat you can imagine, thinking the best of everybody. We love her so much!
We are so grateful to Lill Kaja for letting us have her!

Asti is still to young to be a mother, but if all goes as planned she will have her first litter in the beginning of 2007.

HCM-tested normal on the 9:th of January 2007. FeLV & FIV negative. Bloodtype A.