The Borneo Litter

6:th of August 2005

Sulu Sea, lilac tortie
Sukau River, chocolate

Sire: EC S*Deerhunters Imse
Dam: CH S*Dragonheart's Primoris


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Sulu: 1 Ex1
Sukau: 1 BIV-T, 2 Ex1

15:th of November 2005
And so were we are alone again. The house is calm and quiet now, and we miss our little girls alot! Primoris and especially Odette I think is missing them much, they have searched the house several times, but have now given up. It is sad and we feel for them, but hopefully they will both have new babies in the future!
But we are also very happy about the great homes they have gotten. They have both settled in well and are very loved by their new families. They have also gotten a new bigsister each to take care of them. Sulu is living with a bluetortie called Puma and Sukau's sister is really her bigsister Odile from Primoris first litter. All we can say to them now is: Live long and prosper!
Hopefully they both will be shown during the winter, that will be very exciting! So keep your eyes open for these beauties on the show tables in the future.

16:th of October 2005
And so has the 9:th week passed with the girls. The are fairly big, both weigthing well over a kilogram and gaining the weigth as the should. The have also been dewormed and that was not to popular. The also behaved very good at the vet's when they got their first shot. We were so proud of them! Otherwise it is just playing that counts these days. They are chasing eachother and attacking both Primoris and bigsister Odette. No one escapes from their little claws!

17:th of September 2005
The girls have already become 6 weeks. Unbelievable! They have now entered the playing phase. Everyting is fun. Unfortunatly their claws are very sharp and when they start to climb on your legs it can get quite painful.
Sukau is now also booked. She will live with her halfsister Odile in Farsta. We are really thrilled over that! It feels very good that both of the girls will have such super homes!

8:th of September 2005
The girls have now started to eat real food. Sulu has found her new family and she will have a blue tortie big sister. We are so happy for her new great future home!

16:th of August 2005
The girls have now opened their eyes and is starting to look like real cats. They are both absolutely adorable. They have also gotten their names, Sulu Sea & Sukau River. Both are places we visited on our honeymoon to Borneo. A magical island we have fallen in love with. As a memory we wanted to name the girls after a couple of the waters we have seen, traveled on and swimmed in.

12:th of August 2005
Two beautiful baby girls came in to this world this Saturday. Primoris is such a good mother, just like last time, and is caring for the babies with tenderness.

The handsome father Imse!

The sisters 12 weeks

The sisters, 9 weeks old

The whole family, 6 weeks

The girls 4 weeks old

The mother with her babies, 6 days