The European Burmese
The Burmese is a medium sized cat, with a short glossy fur, soft as velvet.
The eyecolour is yellow, the overline of the eye should be straigth and the lower eyeline round, forming the typical Burmese look. The Burmese is a muscular cat who should feel heavier than it looks.

The breed originates from the brown female Wong Mau, who was imported from Rangoon, Burma, to the USA by Dr. Joseph Thomson 1930. He started a breeding program and a new breed was born.
The first Burmese cats came to Sweden in 1957.

The Burmese Cat is an extremely social and active cat. It loves company and claimes it's selfspoken rigth to be center of all attention. It is a demanding breed, but if you are willing to invest time, effort and love, you will recive an endless and enormous reward back!
They are highly intelligent and very good at figuring out how things work. They are also very good at helping you around the house, with varying results. They are secure, curious and stubborn with great confidence and personality. Cause who is better at running the family then them? You never get lonely with a Burmese, always around ready to cuddle or play. You don't have to worry about cold winter nights either, the Burmese loves to sleep in your bed, preferably under the covers.
To put it shortly, they are absolutley adorable and the perfect company!

The Burmese comes in 10 colours. All different, but equally beautiful.
There are 6 plain colours: brown (BUR n, chocolate (BUR b), blue (BUR a), lilac (BUR c), red (BUR d) and creme ( BUR e).
And four tortie colours: brown tortie (BUR f), chocolate tortie (BUR h), blue tortie (BUR g) and lilac tortie (BUR j).